Welcome To TattooPaulie.com, Home Of NYC born, San Diego Based Tattoo Artist And Body Piercer Paul(ie) Oliver
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Ok, so exactly none of that is true... but he CAN do a really nice tattoo! He learned from some really good guys, like Dublin Ireland's Tony Maxwell and acclaimed New York artist Pon. 

He also does some sweet body piercings and is proficient in all types of piercing, including genital, surface and micro-dermal anchors.  

Paul learned at the world famous "Tattoo Seen" in New York City, cultivating his skills alongside some of New York's best.  Then, one day he realized that winter really sucks.  That's when he packed up his wife and bulldog and moved to San Diego.

     Paulie now happily works at "Funhouse Tattoo" in the Pacific Beach area of San Diego, an award winning studio considered one of the best in all of Southern California.  Check out some of his work here, and if you like what you see, go ahead to the info page and find out how to book an appointment with him.  He's a swell fella and chances are you'll like him... even if he doesn't really know Kung Fu. 

About Paulie:
Paul speaks 7 languages, has climbed Mount Everest twice and knows Kung Fu.  He is also the Emperor of a small island nation somewhere in the mid-Atlantic, can somehow hold his breath for about 8 minutes and knows exactly where Jimmy Hoffa is.  Cool huh?